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As you’re making improvements to the roof and gutters of your business or home, make sure you don’t neglect to take equally good care of your siding. Just like your roof, your siding is another essential layer of protection of your home, one that requires the expert attention of a reputable siding contractor in Minnetonka and Bloomington. Anchor Roofing & Exteriors specializes in superior siding services designed to bring out the beauty of your property while reinforcing the protection it provides. If it’s been a while since you’ve tended to your siding, let us come out and take a look.

Here are the top five reasons to call the Woodbury siding experts from Anchor Roofing & Exteriors:

1. Reduce heating and cooling costs.
2. Eliminate the expense associated with painting your home.
3. Improve your home’s curb appeal.
4. Increase your home’s value.
5. Make your home healthier and safer for your family.

When you factor in ease of maintenance, beauty, increased value and energy efficiency, siding from Anchor Roofing & Exteriors makes great sense for your home and your pocketbook.

Siding Installation

Quality Siding Services

Roof Repair Minnetonka MNWe’re a siding company in Edina and Woodbury that works with only the most reputable and trustworthy siding products currently available on the market today. Our specific siding services include:

  • Siding installation
  • Siding inspections
  • Siding estimates

Just like with roofing, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the material used for the siding lining your home or business. Anchor Roofing & Exteriors offers fiber cement siding and cedar siding. Each type of material is designed not only for ultimate protection from Minnesota weather, but to complement the current look of your home as well as your budget.

Find Out More About Exemplary Siding

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like to sit down and learn more about the different attributes of different types of siding. For instance, some of the advantages of covering your property in fiber cement siding include design versatility, warranty benefits and the low cost of experience. Benefits of cedar siding are natural water resistance, superior durability, a wide variety of patterns and environmentally friendliness.

Vinyl Siding

Siding by Anchor RoofingIntroduced to the market in the early 1960s, vinyl siding has grown in popularity due to its durability, versatility and ease of maintenance. It is impact-resistant, strong and available in a broad palette of colors. Vinyl siding also is available in many profiles, including traditional lap, Dutch lap, horizontal and vertical panels, shakes, scallops, shingles, fish scales and beaded designs in various widths.

With the ability to withstand high winds of 110 mph or higher and a composition that resists heat, cold and moisture, vinyl siding retains its looks over time. And perhaps most importantly, vinyl siding never needs paint! The only maintenance it needs to look its best is an occasional wash with a garden hose.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is composed of a mixture of cement, sand and wood fiber that is cured with pressurized steam to increase its strength and dimensional stability. It can be molded to look like genuine wood planks, yet is completely resistant to rot, fire, wind and insects.

Because fiber cement does not expand and contract like wood, it holds paint very well. Most fiber cement comes primed and ready to finish, and is also available with factory-finished paint backed by a warranty. Fiber cement siding may be painted using water-based acrylic paint, which typically lasts up to 15 years. Stains may also be applied to fiber cement.

Aluminum Siding

Once the leader in replacement siding, aluminum has rapidly lost ground to more modern materials. Though it can dent and fade, aluminum will not crack or rot — making it ideal for wet climates. Aluminum siding is low-maintenance, fireproof, and comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Fiberglass Siding

An innovative and durable new siding, fiberglass siding is among the fastest-growing in popularity across the country.  Fiberglass siding gives your home the look of freshly-painted wood without the hassle of scraping and painting, and is virtually maintenance-free. Available in a variety of color options and produced in continuous lengths, fiberglass siding features clean, crisp lines with seams that butt tightly together instead of overlapping.


Because of the variety of ways to apply and formulate it, stucco siding has been utilized for hundreds of years. Typically seen in Mission or Spanish-style architecture, stucco can be smooth or coarse, raked or swirled. It can contain sand, lime or pebbles. Depending upon the climate and the desired texture, different types of cement are used in the stucco mix.

Advantages of natural stucco include fire resistance, a high degree of energy efficiency and low maintenance. It also expands and contracts with the temperature, which minimizes cracking.

Wood Siding

Wood is a traditional siding material, either in shake or clapboard form. Because wood siding requires frequent maintenance, particularly in regions with extremes of moisture and temperature, it has lost ground to low-maintenance siding materials in recent decades.

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